Types of business consultants and which ones you should be using

If you are looking for a way to make your business run more smoothly, then hiring a business consultant may be your answer. It is, however, important to identify which area of your business that you would like a consultant to focus on to increase efficiency.

Different areas of consultancy

There are a variety of consulting firms that focus on specific areas of efficiency within a firm. In order to select the right one, you must identify where consulting would be most effective.

Marketing and Public Relations

You may choose to hire a firm or individual that focuses on public relations and marketing if you are focusing on becoming more visible as a business. These areas are similar but different enough to merit their own specializations depending on the type of consultant.

Marketing can tend to focus more on advertising and prevalence, whereas public relations places more of a focus on name recognition and general view of the company.

Strategy and Finance

Other types of firms to consider are those that can make your firm more financially sound and competitive. A strategy-oriented firm will help in areas such as pricing and different moves to make within the industry.

Similarly, a financial consulting firm will help with what types of investments to make and how to cut costs. These firms can also exist separately, but overlap in several areas that can make a firm more efficient and competitive.


As a growing business, you are going to want to be able to keep up with the latest technologies in your industry. A technology consulting firm may be a good investment to make sure that you remain on the cutting edge.

Information technology is also a more general area that covers almost any business of today. The transfer of information and other internal communications is crucial to the operation of a business.

Legal and Human Resources

In an increasingly litigious society, you should highly consider human resources and legal consultants. A lot of larger companies will often have their own departments for both of these areas.

Legal consulting is an important function for your business as any illegal dealings or activities, even if they are unintentional, can result in astronomical expense and often closes the doors of a smaller business. Business and general law are vast areas of red tape and regulations that are nearly impossible for one individual to keep track of.

Healthy and happy employees is a way to keep your business running smoothly. this is a good reason to invest in a human resources consulting firm.

It can be difficult as a busy business owner to stay in tune with all of the needs of your employees to make for the most productive business environment. A specialist in this area can be a key addition to your bottom line and for public relations.

As a business owner, it is important that you know which type of consulting firm will make your company the most successful. 

5 Types of Consultants That Will be in Demand in 2020

Former professionals in a specialized field may wish to lend their insights to others as a career. Consulting positions can yield a great deal of money for the consultant, depending on their needs and expertise.The value of consultants can change based on the advancement of technology. Those with modern skills and knowledge in essential areas will be able to make good money for their services. In 2020, which consultants will be most needed by companies and organizations across the world?

Human Resources

As companies grow and public pressure increases for large corporations to treat their workers with respect, the need for effective human resources protocols will increase, as well. Consultants with a background in human resources and with expertise when it comes to navigating personnel issues with state and federal government regulations will be able to leverage those skills.

They’ll help companies avoid financial, legal, and moral issues and improve employee satisfaction. Human resources consultants can help companies use their personnel effectively and legally.


For companies small and large, taxation is a complicated subject. Many CEOs or CFOs have bigger things to deal with than navigating their local and federal tax codes. Consultants with taxation expertise will help companies earn money and avoid tax pitfalls that can lead to disaster.

Taxation consultants will often be valued by their ability to increase a company’s tax returns or limiting the amount of tax they must pay in a year. Such consultants may also be tasked with redoing a company’s tax system, depending on the present issues and the goals of the company’s leaders.

Risk and Compliance

The modern world is saturated with media that jump on stories of fraud and abuse quickly. Modern companies, therefore, seek to avoid breaking laws while taking risks. Risk and compliance consultants can help companies ensure that they are adhering to laws or regulations and bring their compliance programs up to snuff in areas that are vulnerable to a fine.

Compliance programs can deal with personnel issues, like with human resources, or with operational regulations. For instance, a construction company may hire a risk and compliance consultant to ensure that they are not breaking any city ordinance laws as they work. Therefore, risk and compliance consultants need in-depth knowledge of their compliance area or niche.

IT Consulting

The world is rapidly developing, especially in the IT-sphere. IT consultants can assist companies in the transition to a more digital framework or organizational method. IT consultants are especially valuable when it comes to enterprise architecture and migration. Such consultants can also advise companies and individuals about how to best manage their software or analyze their data for better decision making from executives.

Essentially, IT consultants can specialize in any aspect of IT as a subject. In-depth knowledge of computers and all aspects of programming are generally required to be successful in this field.

Environmental Consulting

Finally, environmental concerns are skyrocketing of global warming progresses and companies are beginning to deal with the fallout, both physical and of their reputation. As such, environmental consultants that can advise companies on green regulations or recycling programs will be in higher and higher demand as time goes on. Environmental consultants can further assist organizations in their pursuit to become carbon neutral if such a goal is desired by the organization’s executives.

In addition, new regulations are rapidly being implemented in many major countries across the world in response to climate change. These new laws can impact various corporations or economic entities. Environmental consultants can assist companies with these changes and ensure that they remain in compliance to avoid taxation or fines.

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